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Hypnosis is most effective for healthy weight loss and weight management, without diets or harmful drugs. Get results with hypnosis for weight loss and weight maintenance and with hypnosis for smoking cessation. You won't need the patch, or nicorette gum! We have helped with health issues, insomnia and sleep patterns, habit control, alcohol/drugs, motivation, sales, public speaking stress management, pain control and more. We can help you. For UPCOMING HYPNOSIS GROUPS click here

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Achievement Strategies, Inc. provides excellent hypnotherapy products and services in and around Atlanta, GA, Georgia.

You can change your life through Hypnosis with a caring and qualified Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Board Approved Hypnosis Certification Instructor. We offer hypnosis for groups and individuals, and provide Hypnotherapy Services for enhanced wellness and life improvement. We also offer CD's, tapes, and personalized recordings. We have a selection of light and sound technology and natural health products for you.

Optimize your health with HYPNOSIS services. We work along with your traditional medical and mental health care.(See Dr.'s letter below) We have locations in Roswell and Lawrenceville to serve you.

OR Let us come to you! We also offer in-house services and will gladly schedule a visit to your facility for 10 or more people.


Below is a letter from one of Georgia's Most Respected Physicians, Diplomate of the American Board of Internal Medicine, Dr. Frenesa Hall. You too, can be comfortable with hypnosis.


The AMA (American Medical Association) has accepted Hypnosis as a valid treatment since 1958.

Laura B. Pagano is helping Medical professionals to better understand hypnosis so they can better help you. The following letter refers to Laura's presentation on "Hypnosis in Medical Practice: How to Improve Patient Understanding, Behavior and Outcomes Utilizing Some Principles of Hypnosis" presented at Gwinnett Hospital, where physicians earned continuing medical education credits (CME) while learning.


Empower yourself with Hypnosis Programs and Hypnosis Services. We offer in Georgia, HYPNOSIS CD's. We also offer Subliminal Music CD's and tapes, packed with powerful positive subliminal suggestions for your life. We have health products and supplements as well as hypnosis technology, such as light and sound machines.

Read our testimonials and find out that hypnosis is safe, easy, and effective. And with our personalized Hypnosis tapes and hypnosis CD's, we can reach you around the world. Not only do we have hypnosis CD's and tapes, but we now offer Subliminal CD's that we make ourselves. This way you know that you are getting the most empowering suggestions from a caring hypnotherapy professional. Let us help you with health, insomnia and sleep patterns, habits, alcohol, motivation, public speaking, stress management, pain control and more.

Laura B. Pagano, Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy, has been registered and certified since 1994, and she truly enjoys helping people reach their goals. And because Laura is an Approved Hypnosis Certification Instructor, approved by the American Institute of Hypnotherapy, we can offer hypnosis certification training, and certify you from the ABH. We are a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, the International Medical and Dental Association, the American Board of Hypnotherapy, and the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programing, NLP, ABNLP.

Look at our website for all that we offer, from who we are, what services we offer, hypnosis myths, our business services, we even have a page for weight and health, and we have products which will help you reach your goals. Let us help you!


March 6, 2001

Dear Ms. Pagano:

Thank you very much for sharing your time, knowledge and expertise with our physicians and staff at Gwinnett Health System during your presentation on "Hypnosis in Medical Practice: How to Improve Patient Understanding, Behavior and Outcomes Utilizing Some Principles of Hypnosis."

Your lecture was both interesting and very informative. Through the cooperation and support of knowledgeable individuals such as yourself, our medical staff can stay abreast of current issues in our changing health care environment.I have enclosed a copy of the evaluation summary completed by participating physicians and staff.  

As you can see, the evaluations were very good. Again thank you for your support and participation.


Anne Kramer, RN, C, MN
Manager, Continuing Medical Education/Library