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Letter of Weight Success

October 02, 2002

Hypnosis Group

Dear Laura,

I am thrilled and amazed at how much my feelings and reactions have changed the last couple of weeks. In the past, I was forcing myself to drink a lot of water but I am actually enjoying it now and seem to be eating half to a third of what I used to eat each day in addition to making healthier choices more easily. Just reducing the quantity, though, is a big step in the right direction and at 380 lbs I could eat reasonable quantities of anything and lose weight.

Today I had a light breakfast around 7 AM (I wasn't hungry but . . . ) A little after 12:00 I passed KFC and they had a sign saying their popcorn chicken was back. I used to live on animal fat, fried foods, butter, gravy, sauces, and I loved the greasy, crunchy, fried chicken fat and skin that was about that was. I sipped the bottle of water beside me and kept on driving to the grocery store. I got a couple of pears and a couple of tomatoes and a few other things and went home. I had lunch around 3 and had a half a tomato sandwich (I used to eat two sandwiches at a time) and a small salad. It is close to 7 PM now and I plan to have half a large pear for dinner. I have eaten significantly less today than I often ate at one meal.

Thank you so much!

S. Lawrence