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Laura B. Pagano

Achievement Strategies, Inc. Atlanta area, Roswell, GA.
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December 1, 2002

My husband recently attended the "Stop Smoking" group sessions conducted by Dr. Laura Pagano and I am happy to say that he hasn't had a cigarette in three months. He is convinced that he will remain a "non-smoker". We are very encouraged! Thank you for the best Holiday gift from me and my children!

December 2003

Dear Dr. Laura,

Thanks for your help. My wife is still smoke-free and amazed at how easy it's been for her. Much gratitude to you from my son and me. We are thankful that the Benefit Department made this service available.

Aug 13, 2002

Dear Dr. Laura:
I enjoyed my first weight-less session on Wednesday night! I am surprised by the results so far. The very next day I found myself strangely uninterested in eating. The following happened: I ordered a salad at Blimpie's instead of a sandwich at noon. I drank several glasses of water during the afternoon. At no time did I get hungry until about 5:30 p.m. It wasn't until 7:30 that I was able to meet my husband and go out for dinner. I ordered a four vegetable plate (not fried) and began eating slowly. I discovered that I could eat only half as much as usual, and then was suddenly full. My husband looked at me suspiciously when I could not finish my food. I think he thought that I was spoofing, but I honestly felt that I could not take another bite!