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Here's what people say about Dr. Laura B. Pagano, of Achievement Strategies, Inc.

Achievement Strategies, Inc. Atlanta area, Roswell, GA.
Hypnotherapy Programs and Services designed to EMPOWER you


August 3, 1999

"I started hypnosis with Laura six months ago for stress reduction. To be candid I never thought the results would be so powerful. My outlook on everything has become more positive and the level of stress in my life has been drastically reduced."



August 2, 2001

For many years I have suffered from severe panic/anxiety attacks, a devastating and debilitating syndrome. In the past, I have followed and practiced the traditional means of "therapy". Psychoanalysis, bio-feedback, harsh medications, etc. with such devastating side effects, but nothing worked.

My panics became so intrusive, to my everyday life that I became a semi-recluse. I had to change jobs, alter my travel plans to the weather, unable to shop in the mall on a normal Saturday. Everything led to an attack. My hope was fading fast.

Then I found Laura. After the first, three hour hypnotherapy session, of pure understanding, compassion and just talking about my feelings, Laura was able to help me to "block" the fears that darkened my days. After one week, I re-visited with Ms. Pagano, to focus on my fear of flying. The next day, I was able to board a plane for my home town in NJ. It had been nearly a year since my last visit home.

Laura was able to help me in such ways that no other practitioner in the past has ever been able to! I had control of my life again. To this day, I am "attack" and anxiety free! No meds, no fears, no solitude!

Thank you.

Jane F.