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April 6, 2000
From: Debbie K.
Re: Hypnosis

Since the first of the year, I have been under a lot of family stress causing my eating to get out of control. I knew I was eating because of emotion but I could not stop myself. I needed help but did not know where to get the right help. Approximately eight years ago, I attended several hypnosis sessions so I knew the positive benefits of hypnosis but the problem was finding a hypnotherapist I could trust. Through many e-mails and phone conversations, Laura and I discussed her education and experience and through these conversations I knew she was sincere and someone I could easily talk with.

I started meeting with Laura in February. She explained the workings of the conscious and subconscious minds, exactly how she would put me under hypnosis, and what I should expect while I was under hypnosis.

After a hypnosis session, I feel wonderful. I am back in control of myself. I have plenty of energy, and feel as if I have slept for eight hours. (I also meet with a nutritionist every few months. When I went to see her in March I mentioned my meetings with Laura. She asked what suggestions Laura gave me. When I told her, she said wonderful, very good suggestions.)

Hypnosis helps you do what you need to do without having to consciously think about doing it. The suggestions become a part of you. Even though you are under hypnosis, your mind will never make you do something that you would not normally do or do anything that could harm you. You are always aware of what you are doing.

I would recommend Laura Pagano to anyone considering hypnosis. She is very professional and will answer all your questions and concerns. There is no voodoo, clucking like a chicken, or barking like a dog. Hypnosis helps your mind work better to help you. It helps you to help yourself!

Debbie K.